We all use to seeing Lewis Hamilton at the wheel of a F1 single-seater, from which we see only the head, moreover hidden by the full-face helmet.

But would you ever say that the 7-time Formula 1 World Champion, if he doesn’t have to drive ‘for work’, likes to get behind the wheel of rough vintage cars and American muscle cars like the Shelby Cobra 427 or a Shelby Mustang? Yes, because despite the contract must guarantee a certain number of appearances with Mercedes cars, Lewis often shows himself also with other brands’ cars.

Lewis Hamilton’s garage is full of goodies that you’d never expect, starting from the Red of Maranello, protagonist of a recent back and forth on Twitter. The driver’s instagram is the perfect place to see him flexing along with his racing cars, including a Ferrari LaFerrari (strictly red) and a fully customized McLaren P1. Among the strangers we see also a Pagani Zonda 760 LH with bodywork completely in carbon fiber and special violet painting, which Lewis called “terrible to drive”!

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When he plays ‘at home’, we see him behind the wheel of the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series or the AMG-GT R (the heir to the SLS). Lewis will be one of the first to receive the AMG Project One, a project that has seen him personally involved. And more: Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet, the electric presented in 2017, six meters long with 750 horsepower. Not bad, eh?

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Let’s close the long list of the Star’s cars with the Vision EQS, a concept that perfectly embodies the life philosophy of the world champion driver, whose commitment to sustainability, respect for the environment as well as human rights is now well known.

If you could choose to ‘steal’ one for one day, which one would you want?




Nel linguaggio informatico, un hub (letteralmente fulcro, elemento centrale) non è altro che un concentratore, un dispositivo che funge da nodo di smistamento di una rete di comunicazione dati organizzata. Insomma, si tratta di una scatoletta in grado di connettere più computer tra loro creando così una rete.
Garage Italia Hub nasce proprio con l’intenzione di creare una rete sempre più ampia per condividere con voi nuove idee, progetti e contenuti digitali.
Da qui l’idea di creare una piattaforma che sia il centro della nostra creatività… ma anche della vostra.