MODEL: Porsche 356 Speedster 1500
Nickname: “La Puffetta”
Year of production: 1980   
COLOR (as per booklet): : Blue

They called them “neo-dandy artisans and theorists of a revisited classicism”.

For us they are just Francesco and Piergiacomo Sigalini, two brothers from Brescia who had the strength to pursue a dream and make it come true.

This dream is called Pantamolle, and behind a name that can take even a smile off your face there is a very serious project with strong values. First of all the enhancement of their region and country, crafting every garment entirely in Italy with artisan and tailoring processes.

We have been conquered by the positivity and passion that the two brothers convey in their brand, born as a new way of conceiving pants during the summer season and became in a very short time a point of reference for Gen Z yuppies, lovers of tailor-made and custom embroidery.

Each collection aim to develop new iconic patterns that every year enrich Pantamolle’s colorful archive and the constant research for unique comfort studying loads of fabrics, patterns, and fit.

Pantamolle’s F/W 2020/21 is inspired by the homeland of the two founders, the countryside around Brescia. The colors of a cold and deeply rural autumn and the fabrics that locals use to wear during winter: wool, velvet, denim. And for the first time the collection also presents new geometric patterns that are the protagonists of this experiment by the Sigalini brothers on the jumpsuit of Garage Italia. Pantamolle reinterprets our overalls with “Rosy”, one of the trademarks of F/W 2020/21: a colored pattern that creates a dynamic and striking effect with some orange nuances that recalls the same orange of the Garage Italia’s jumpsuit. An unusual mix of workwear functionality and classic aesthetics, with the unmistakable sartorial touch given by the elegance of the velvet inserts.

The personalization is linked to a particular event, the start of the 1000Miglia 2020, the historic car race with both start and finish in Brescia.

Giacomo Ruggeri Gnutti at the wheel of his Porsche Speedster 1500 and Lorenzo Bossini co-pilot, both young collaborators of the brand, they are the members of the 1000Miglia 2020 convoy.

In the mid ‘50s Max Hoffmann, the famous Austrian importer of Porsche for the American East Coast, realized the potential on the Californian market of a new and more essential variant of the Porsche 356. He therefore asked the German company to study and build a cheaper version of the 356 America Roadster, that was too expensive for that market. This is how the Porsche Speedster was born, available in only 1000 units, in only three colors: red, white, blue. This last color variant is the rarest, in fact there are only 60 in the world.

Let’s see what happened at the start of the race in Andrea Luzardi’s shots.




Nel linguaggio informatico, un hub (letteralmente fulcro, elemento centrale) non è altro che un concentratore, un dispositivo che funge da nodo di smistamento di una rete di comunicazione dati organizzata. Insomma, si tratta di una scatoletta in grado di connettere più computer tra loro creando così una rete.
Garage Italia Hub nasce proprio con l’intenzione di creare una rete sempre più ampia per condividere con voi nuove idee, progetti e contenuti digitali.
Da qui l’idea di creare una piattaforma che sia il centro della nostra creatività… ma anche della vostra.