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Patrick Eduardo was born on August 23, 1991 in Lipa City, Philippines. During his childhood he moved with his family to Italy. He starts his studies in Milan and with the support of music and drawing he soon develops his creative side. He graduated in Graphic Design and completed his studies at the University of Rotterdam in the Faculty of Modern Interior Architecture. In parallel with his university studies, Patrick got to know and explore the ancient world of calligraphy applied to the new artistic movement that was emerging in Holland: “Calligraffiti”. The experimental phase ends with his return to Italy, where he realizes that calligraphy can be productive for his career and evolves the concept of writing into art. This becomes more and more a constant to be linked to other artistic aspects such as the contrast between colors and materials; the combination of gold and black gives his works the maximum decorative aspiration, making them usable in various European countries such as France, Germany and Russia to the Middle East, allowing him to collaborate with various brands and artists around the world.

How would you define your style?

My style is based on modern calligraphy that over the years has become more and more to an abstract composed of signs inspired by Arabic, Cyrillic and Japanese.

What is personalization for you?

Personalization for me is a method of communication with a strong impact, elevating an object of common use to a true artistic expression. Sometimes it is also a challenge, it makes you understand if with the simplest idea you can distinguish your style from that of another.

...elevating an object of common use to a true artistic expression.


What inspired you to customize the Jumpsuit?

I was inspired by my canvases, I wanted to give my imprint by seeing the jumpsuit as if it were a blank canvas without following the sinuosity of the garment. I like clean cuts and contrasts and that’s why the jumpsuit is cut in half leaving on the other side the simplicity of the garment itself.

How did you make it?

I used a black acrylic color for the black base and the gold details are composed of solvents and enamels that I have coined over the years as my personal gold.

What is your background and how has it influenced your art?
I graduated in Modern Interior Architecture in Rotterdam, a city that made me discover a new artistic movement called Calligraffiti. During those years of study the whole scene was born, and studying calligraphy even at school it immediately became my real passion.

Are you experimenting with other forms of calligraphy or do you intend to carry on this line that is currently your trademark?

From my point of view, art is born to continue to grow and evolve. So yes, I will always try to evolve my style with each passing day, always keeping calligraphy as a point of reference.

garage italia



Nel linguaggio informatico, un hub (letteralmente fulcro, elemento centrale) non è altro che un concentratore, un dispositivo che funge da nodo di smistamento di una rete di comunicazione dati organizzata. Insomma, si tratta di una scatoletta in grado di connettere più computer tra loro creando così una rete.
Garage Italia Hub nasce proprio con l’intenzione di creare una rete sempre più ampia per condividere con voi nuove idee, progetti e contenuti digitali.
Da qui l’idea di creare una piattaforma che sia il centro della nostra creatività… ma anche della vostra.