In the last few months you have surely heard of Fontanesi, the Instagram phenomenon.

And if you don’t know him yet, hurry up and get in his wonderful universe of photography and art. We are not talking about sophisticated author shots, but about normal photos taken with the phone, that you can find in the iphone galleries of your relatives.

We do not know if behind the nickname that pays homage to the romantic painter is hidden a single artist or a collective, and probably we are not even interested.

What really interests us is also what made him so popular and appreciated, his genious in generating real surreal works of art, an explosive mix of real and virtual that leads to hilarity, playing with the layering of levels and 2D /3D perspective.

A beautiful visual short circuit transformed into art, a cut and paste of images with people and random everyday situations.

But what does Fontanesi want to tell us and why does he do it? Probably he want to diss Instagram in an elegant and shrewd way, this parallel dimension where appearance often crushes reality and mislead the viewer. Exasperating post-production and laying bare its limits by generating a surreal and often ridiculous imagery, Fontanesi today has become a real brand that counts more than 55 thousand faithful (real). Few more than the 11 declared in the bio of the ig account.

Why is Fontanesi so popular?

First of all he(?) has a very recognizable technique and style, which made his contents viral on social media. Many people started sharing his posts and try to imitate his style. STONKS!

Then, he uses a tool that anyone can use, Instagram Layout, used to make photo collages. Easy, you might say. But the real goal of Fontanesi was to find an alternative use of it to create a unique image with different photos or often with the same one, declined in two different zoom levels.

We shared his works on Garage’s Instagram many many times, especially those with cars as subject. From Fontanesi’s mind wonderful utopias like broken and reassembled Fiat Panda come out, hoods open looking like big mouths, mythological characters like a Fiat 500 Scooter, vintage cars with a garden slide on top (what a dream!), handlebar vans, fruit crates with wheels, XXXL roof racks, and a thousand other visual oxymorons on both two and four wheels.

Fontanesi was born on Instagram and this platform is still his natural habitat today, but there’s more. Few days ago the artist annouced that Mezzi Fontanesi, the paper collection of Fontanesis means of transport themed, will be released soon and we are already very excited.

The book, edited by Michele Galluzzo will be printed in a limited number of copies, and is already in pre-order so stay in the know if you want one. No panic lazy people, here is the link.




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