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Yuri Sata. I was born in 1989. I am a designer, writer and a tattoo artist.

I have been drawing all my life long, I started when I was 4 or 5 years old and I have never stopped until today, when besides being a passion it has also become my job. The interest and openness towards the world of tattooing dates back to the period of adolescence, after my graffiti period.

Since 2016 I am the co-founder of SATATTTVISION, my tattoo studio in Via Tadino 3, in Porta Venezia district. Actually it is not just a tattoo studio, it is a place where the various contaminations given by the interests of each member of the team constantly bring new life to the creativity of the crew.

How would you define your style?

I can tell you that I have a thing for letters…I always try to evolve them in something different and create new ones, trying not to be boring. Sometimes I’m driven to do a certain kind of things rather than others, but I think it’s something that happens to anyone who creates, no matter what they are creating.

What is customization for you?

The word itself says it, giving character to something. In my opinion there can be many ways to customize an item, but there are two variables to consider that are crucial in my opinion: on commission or free work? From here then different paths open up.

Giving character to something


What inspired you to customize the Jumpsuit?

Preamble: when I was a kid I used to customize scooters’ body for many friends in my neighborhood.

In this case, given the deep connection that the garment has with the world of motors, I immediately came to mind the pilot overalls, covered with those super cool sponsor patches, crossed by words from head to toe, numbers, etc..

How did you make it?

Paint, brushes and bumbuléta (spray-can in Milanese). I’d love if you want to leave this part.

And we leave it as you wrote.

Tell us about the transition from graffiti to tattoos, two worlds not so far apart when you think about it.

Well, it wasn’t a real choice, it was a natural and I would say physiological transition… The curiosity was great right from the start, so I started asking myself a lot of questions about how they were realized and I went deeper into the subject.

Seeing a lot of writers, same age or older, who were tattooed and some of them were also tattoo artists, let’s say that the spring has been triggered.

It has to be said that the one and only tattoo I’ve ever had under my eyes since I can remember is that of my father, a super true tattoo all rickety with his and my mother’s initials! SBAM (moment of exaltation mixed pride).

Had you already had the opportunity to work on a garment? What other surfaces have you imprinted your lettering on in the past and which one did you like to work on the most?

Yes, over the years I have had the opportunity to work on various supports and garments: denim, raincoats, helmets, motorcycles, scooters, walls, shutters, workshop interiors, etc. … I must say that each surface in its own way made me enjoy myself, because I had to adapt my work in the moment to what I had in front of me.

What is the meaning of the symbols on the Jumpsuit? You can tell us.


I’m joking, actually they are letters and numbers made with an alphabet that I created thanks to the various contaminations of my artistic path until today.

Specifically on the front part of the jumpsuit near the chest there are a G and an I for Garage Italia, on the pockets instead we find an M and an I (Milan).

On the back at the height of the calves there is a 20 that stands for the current year, which read in reverse becomes 02 (the dialling code of Milan, Ladies and Gentlemen). Coincidences? I don’t think so.

garage italia



Nel linguaggio informatico, un hub (letteralmente fulcro, elemento centrale) non è altro che un concentratore, un dispositivo che funge da nodo di smistamento di una rete di comunicazione dati organizzata. Insomma, si tratta di una scatoletta in grado di connettere più computer tra loro creando così una rete.
Garage Italia Hub nasce proprio con l’intenzione di creare una rete sempre più ampia per condividere con voi nuove idee, progetti e contenuti digitali.
Da qui l’idea di creare una piattaforma che sia il centro della nostra creatività… ma anche della vostra.