Welcome Panda integral-e

Icon-e, our series of limited edition electrified Icons is living its third year. The Panda is now the main character of the second chapter of electric cars by Garage Italia, transforming from 4×4 to Integral-e. Thanks to a partnership with Newton Group, Garage Italia re-interprets the “Icon Status” of Panda through electrification. The Fiat Panda […]

Welcome Pandoro

fiat Panda 4x4 garage italia pandoro montagna neve cofano

Eccola nostra Pandoro che con il suo motore elettrico si fa largo tra la neve

Welcome Panderis

Panderis vitale Barberis canonico Garage Italia fiat logo

Scopri la 4×4 Icon-e in collaborazione con Vitale Barberis Canonico